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All Star DCJR Leads the Way in Customer Service Excellence

Meet Justin Akin and the All Star DCJR crew. This isn’t just any parts department at a dealership; it’s a testament to Justin Akin and his team’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

Turning this venture into a multi-million dollar success story was just the beginning. In a world where the online marketplace evolves daily, Justin understood the importance of continuous improvement, especially in providing unparalleled customer service.

The Customer Service Game Changer

Let’s face it; in today’s market, making customers feel valued is everything. An unpleasant experience can send over half of your customers to a competitor. It’s a tightrope walk where 80% of businesses, including All Star DCJR, compete primarily on the quality of customer interactions.

The quest to simplify and enhance these interactions led Justin and his team into challenging yet transformative territories.

Even with an established, sleek business model, All Star DCJR faced its share of roadblocks:

  • Overflowing inbox? Check.
  • Long waits for parts? Double check.
  • Team stretched thinner than the finish line at the Daytona 500? Triple check.

Initially, the journey to refine their chat and email management was fraught with difficulties. Justin recalls, “It was a disaster,” as the team struggled to keep up with the influx of inquiries.

Despite testing various services and technologies, including a promising transition to a new platform for its texting capabilities, the overwhelming volume of customer questions proved too much for the support staff, leading to missed opportunities and frustration.

“We moved from Gugaboo to a company called Captivated because we were interested in their text capability,” says Justin. However, even with the ability to respond to customers quickly via text, it was still too much to handle. 

“There were just hundreds of questions coming in every day, and our order processing team was having to jump in and take on questions to help out the support staff.”


Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with Managed Services

The turning point came when Justin discovered a game-changing solution: Managed Services through a partnership with RevolutionParts. This wasn’t just about outsourcing; it was about finding a partner who could dive deep into the nature of the inquiries and tailor a strategy that fits like a glove.

“It really started with understanding what we were facing,” says Justin, highlighting the importance of a customized and personal solution.

Implementing Managed Services was seamless, immediately alleviating the pressure on the team. This strategic move is known for saving current customers 75% of the time spent managing communications, allowing them to redirect their focus toward improving order processing and exploring new growth opportunities.

What happened after they started using Managed Services?

Cancellation rates fell from 20+% to 8.5%.

Days to fill orders went from 1 week to 3 days.

Unanswered emails dropped 94%.

The Impact: Beyond Time Savings

“The customer experience is getting better because their questions are getting answered faster, and we’ve turned more of those opportunities into sales,” Justin explains.

The transformation went beyond operational efficiencies. This shift bolstered their sales and nurtured a growing base of repeat customers, cementing All Star DCJR’s reputation and future business prospects.

As they navigate this period of rapid growth, the All Star team remains focused on innovation and excellence. We leased space in an adjacent building to handle our growing Online Parts Department but have now had to lease two floors of that building because of our tremendous growth,” says Justin. 

The journey from the initial chaos to achieving a streamlined, efficient, and customer-focused operation illustrates the power of strategic partnerships and the relentless pursuit of improvement.

With a strong growth mindset, All Star DCJR is poised to redefine what success looks like in the automotive industry.

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